Success Stories

Jeremy G. has gone from a size 38 waist to a size 32

<b>This program is so flexible.</b> While on the program, I could eat out in a restaurant, enjoy the meal and not feel guilty that I was cheating on my weight loss plan. It is just so convenient for my lifestyle. <b>This is such an easy program to follow, anyone can do it. The Trimline staff is so supportive.</b> They were always encouraging and would get so excited as I dropped the weight. <b>I lost 5 lbs in my 1st week and now I have gone from a size 38 waist to a size 32.</b> Amazing! I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. The program is just so easy to follow. You just listen to the counselors and they help you adjust your plan for any occasion that may come up. My wife joined with me and she lost her weight too. I have so much more energy now that I can keep up with my two kids. It has been a year now and I kept off the weight. <b>Trimline taught me how to keep it off for the rest of my life.</b>

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Weight Loss Tips

Don’t skip meals!

Instead, opt for smaller, more frequent meals to maintain your hunger and blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Come and meet one of our advisers who will explain everything. TrimLine is not a fad diet, not pre-packaged meals, not group meetings, not a liquid diet and not a plan that you will follow for 1 or 2 months and then quit because it does not fit into your lifestyle. TrimLine is a program that will teach you the secrets of losing weight and keeping it off!

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