Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TrimLine Weight Loss Program?

The Trimline Weight Loss program is an easy, nutritional plan that is NOT a diet. It is designed for maximum weight loss with our client’s health being the number one priority. The TrimLine Program promotes permanent changes in diet, habits, mental attitudes and behaviors for a successful weight loss and weight management experience.

How is Trimline Weight Loss different from other programs?

Every client’s lifestyle is taken into account. This is not a one size fits all way to lose weight. Individualized nutritional meal plans are developed based on the lifestyle of the client. You eat real foods with your family and even dine out in restaurants. There are no embarrassing group meetings to attend. You meet with your trained counselor privately for one-on one support on your schedule that is convenient for you. More importantly, we offer an individualized maintenance program for long-term success.

Is there a strenuous exercise program at TrimLine?

There is no strenuous exercise on the TrimLine program. We do offer our clients a sensible passive exercise regimen to enhance and speed up your weight loss experience. If desired, our clients can receive our exclusive Trim & Tone Up Guide – a guide to introduce easy and practical exercise activities into your everyday life.

Do you have to buy expensive pre-packaged meals?

Unlike other weight loss programs, there is not a strict regimen to adapt to on the TrimLine program. The beauty of TrimLine is that the program adapts to your lifestyle instead of vice versa. There are no pre-packaged meals to buy. On the contrary, you shop at your local grocery store, cook at home or dine out with your family & friends at local restaurants, order take-out and even eat at fast food places.

Do you have to be a client to use the TrimLine products?

The exclusive TrimLine product line of specialized nutritional products is designed to work in conjunction with the TrimLine Weight Loss program. TrimLine products are not available in stores and are only offered to our weight loss clients. The supplements offer a healthier, safer and faster weight loss. The TrimLine healthy snacks help reduce your sweet cravings, keep you full, maintain your energy and keep you in control all day and all night.

How long will I stay on TrimLine program?

How long you stay on the program depends on how much weight you want to lose. When you come in for your complimentary consultation, TrimLine has different program options to suit your needs and help you reach your goal. Afterwards, the maintenance stage will teach and guide you to long-term success.

How much will the TrimLine program cost?

TrimLine is based on individual needs and one-on-one guidance. The cost depends on several factors; how much weight you want to lose, which maintenance plan you choose and so forth. The program is very affordable. There are different program options, short-term and long-term, during your complimentary consultation, your counselor will help you choose the one that is right for you.

What type of training do the consultants receive?

It is extremely important to TrimLine Weight Loss that the counselors understand weight loss and how it affects our clients. They are health orientated, compassionate and motivating. Before seeing one client, our consultants attend an extensive training based on nutrition, counseling, problem-solving and all aspects of weight loss and weight management. After certified by the TrimLine trainer, our consultant attends on-going training and education. If a client has special needs or requests, we can contact their Health Dietician, Registered Nurse or Personal Physician for help.

What happens when I join the TrimLine program?

Satisfaction and weight loss! The best way to find out is to set an appointment for a FREE consultation. There is no obligation so you have nothing to lose. You can either call the center or book on-line. During your private, one-on-one visit your consultant will:

  • Ask you questions to see what you are looking for in a weight loss and weight management program
  • Discuss your lifestyle so we can individualize your program and one-on-one support
  • Provide you with all the information to choose the best program for you
  • You will then attend weekly center visits and receive private, one-on-one support, knowledge, motivation, and accountability in a caring, professional atmosphere

Weight Loss Tips

Don’t skip meals!

Instead, opt for smaller, more frequent meals to maintain your hunger and blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Come and meet one of our advisers who will explain everything. TrimLine is not a fad diet, not pre-packaged meals, not group meetings, not a liquid diet and not a plan that you will follow for 1 or 2 months and then quit because it does not fit into your lifestyle. TrimLine is a program that will teach you the secrets of losing weight and keeping it off!

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